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Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:33 am
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Post subject: mauve's EXCELLENT EXEGESIS of my humor Reply with quote

mauve wrote:

[[Jan 25, 6:02 pm

>On Jan 25, 12:07 am, "Ankara" <uh> wrote:
> "mauve" says:
> > surely the astute subgenius reader can see that this very fact is a
> > clear symptom of a problem within the church.

> Hi! I am gonna attempt to actually answer you truthfully. After years
> of un-artful dodging from Dean, I admit I am not hopeful that you are
> going to even understand what I say, but at the outset I would like to
> state for the record that everything I am about to say to you is not a
> troll, or ANY kind of attempt to mislead, belittle, ETC. This is MERELY
> the truth as I see it.

hi ankara. (are you from turkey? or connected to turkey in anyway?
great country)
thanks for responding in a non troll like was one of my
goals with this thread to get some peaceful and constructive dialogue
going around this issue.

> First off there is no "symptom of a problem" within the church...
> (I will explain below)
> > now, i guess, one can say that its a 'joke religion' and it does not
> > matter regarding the future of the church or its popularity. but if
> > that is the case, then i say, why are we here at all? why do the
> > radio shows each week? why do the books?

> Ok here is the crux of your mistake. You make an assumption that
> is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT about the church and its purpose and
> reason for existence. Dean made the same mistake the first time
> he attempted to take credit (falsely) for its origin. The funniest thing
> of all is DEAN HIMSELF proves himself false BY ENTIRELY MISSING the
> POINT. How can you be the origin of something that you have NEVER

i think i see what you are saying...are you saying that purple is a
joke b/c he misses the point of the church, a church whose whole point
is that under no circumstances should it be taken seriously?
so by in effect taking the church seriously, he proves that he has
missed that very, essential and ultimate, point....which is humor and
non- seriousness at ALL TIMES.

if this is your argument, then i think you miss an essential subdeanie
concept...which is that one can have multiple points of view on any
given subject, at ALL TIMES. seeing things from these multiple points
of view is what we refer to as quadrophenia or tetrad mgt.

The concept of the tetrad was first put forth by McLuhan, and was used
to analyze technologies from multiple points of view.

For example, on critique the subdeanie has of the subgenius is that
everything is a non-serious at ALL TIMES. sure, its fun to be silly
and take things not serious, but not at ALL TIMES. so the subdeanie
dares to take the church with absolute seriousness while at the same
time taking it in the utmost non-serious manner.

to speak simply, it is a way of not seeing things in a black and white
manner and embracing the dialectic way of thinking.

> Before you argue how CLEARLY dean envisions the cosmos, etc. I
> would like you to IMAGINE something with me. I would like you to
> IMAGINE that on this Earth exists those who are NOT SEARCHING
> for answers and DO NOT EXPECT ANY. Instead, seeing the SILLINESS
> of all that is HUMAN, they embark on a journey of ABSURDITY. To

so, you are saying that the subgenius is one who realizes that the
only course of action to deal with the existential reality of the
and that they rightly understand that the only way to combat this
existential reality is through a radical embracing of silliness,
humor, a radical non-seriousness if you will.

if this is your argument, i will point out that this seems to be the
point of/phil. of discordianism. and to me the church takes the phil.
of discordianism a step further. to me this can be seen in the fact
that a $30 membership fee in particular and money in general is an
essential feature of the church.

in my opinion, if the church was all about being silly at ALL TIMES
then there would be no focus on money. surely, it can be argued that
spending one's hard earned money on subgenius products makes the
church, on some level, about something other than being silly and non-
serious at ALL TIMES.

> Now while you imagine these fantastic creatures existing,
> before they pop out of your mind because something
> like these surely CANNOT exist, IMAGINE QUICKLY how Bob Dean
> would APPEAR to such beings.

good point. so you are saying that to people who are radically
committed to being silly, funny, non- serious at ALL TIMES, it appears
clearly insane that an individual would take himself, the church and
his work in any way serious.... let alone say he was the inspiration
for the mythical JR "Bob" Dobbs. b/c to the subgenius, the church is
just a joke, and to be taken as a joke at ALL TIMES.
this is a good point, and i hope that my above explanation about
embracing multiple points of view clears up how purple is being

> Dean has spent more than a decade

good point, see the above.

>Could you imagine how such a person
> would appear as a worthless clown? He is ALSO UNFUNNY....MOST
> COMPLETELY UNFUNNY. Now before you argue his SUBLIME
> humor above all things, etc. remember what HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN
> DOING IN RELATION to what the people NOT SEARCHING for
> ANYTHING are doing.

well, that is where the 'sublime humor' comes in.... the humor in
purple's actions toward the church can be seen in the reaction of the
subgenius to him and his work.
for one example, it shows that the subgenius are not taking the church
as silly and non-serious as they proclaim. this shows a hypocrisy of
a church that claims to have no hypocrisy. for example, can you
imagine a discordian getting as upset as the subgenius do about purple
if an individual styled themselves as a the inspiration of

surely not, and i think this is b/c they are more committed to a
radical silliness at ALL, i am not saying this makes them
'better' , no that would be black and white thinking.... and actually,
i'm not a big fan of discordianism b/c they are just committed to
taking things silly at ALL TIMES. the church appears to be more about
than just being funny at ALL TIMES, and this is why i was drawn to the
church after finding discordianism.

i actually heard stang give a similar critique of discordianism on an
episode of the hour of slack.

to me the 'sublime humor' that purple is pointing out is not funny,
per se... meaning, at one time i thought it was funny to see the
subgenius react so violently to his posts... i thought it was funny to
see the hypocrisy of a church that said to have none. please remember
that the subdeanie is laughing at the subgenius as much as the
subgenius is laughing at the subdeanie.

but to me, making fun of the subgenius who do not get purple's joke at
the church's expense is no longer funny or productive.

i propose a cease fire at ALL TIMES, of the use of 'jokes' to deal
with the issues raised in this thread. this proposal goes out to both

>Now if you were able to imagine all that
> you could probably see why the church is TRULY a so called
> 'joke religion' and would like to remain one, thank you very much.

but is not a central saying of the church: 'if you think its a joke,
then you will never get the punch line'?
and like i said, if it was just a 'joke religion' would it not be just
another discordianism?

why does it need the products and events that cost money? surely this
is proof that the church is more than just a 'joke religion'?

> And as for you kookballs gloming on us with your tiny poot charts
> and your TIME CUBES and whatever else, you have ALWAYS
> been barking up the wrong tree. Dean has always been the
> AND PERFECTLY SUITED for us to make fun of him, and he
> will live out his days doing just that.

i dont think he cares if the subgenius make fun of him b/c they are so
entirely missing his point that it only reinforces his joke at your
expense. you are not his audience per se... you are merely a joke to
be presented to his audience.
i propose that this joke be put to rest and clear talk be used to
explain purple's joke...b/c the punch line is just too funny to be
explained with humor.

> On a related note, I hope some of the smarter of you Deanies have
> taken a gander at the Aspie-index and realize that your leader
> resides COMFORTABLY on the scale. YEP I am afraid so , and I am
> sorry if you are receiving this information for the first time.

you pointing this out also underscores purple's joke about the
church's hypocrisy... ill explain. the church talks about being its them against the 'normals' its them against
the 'pinks.' that they are somehow better than the 'normals'.
& by pointing out that the subdeanie should not take purple seriously
b/c he has traits of what the DSM refers to as asperger's syndrome
shows you to be engaging in hypocrisy on this issue b/c you have in
effect, said purple should not be taken seriously b/c he is a

let me be clear, the DSM, which was put together by the most normal of
the normal, is merely describing 'mutants' when they are describing
asperger's syndrome. kids with aspergers are merely mutants and the
slapping of the asperger label on them is an attempt by the normals to
keep down young budding 'mutant' child.

also, ankara, in my many years on this planet i have seen that
everybody at ALL TIMES is something in the DSM. i am, you are, stang
is, our parents are, etc, etc.

and purple is something in the DSM, shoot, more than just aspergers i
can assure you! hahahah!
try also: 295.3, 301.81 [you know i love you bob! Wink ]

so the fact that you, a card carrying subgenius, used the biggest and
baddest normal book of ALL TIMES, to discredit puprle is, to me, a
clear example of hypocrisy.

> > and again, i bring up the fact that the subdeanies (purple) currently
> > have a bigger TV body media presence and a digital/chip body presence
> > to rival the church...
> Actually he doesn’t, he has ONLY ever gained recognition using church
> terms and other things that are no his and that he will never really
> understand.

he was on the cover of paranoia magazine. what was the last print
publication to feature the church?

> Anyway I really hope this helps, if you are able to see past your
> blinders where dean is concerned, this post might be truly

indeed, it certainly was enlightening, and was so at ALL TIMES.
thanks for your time ankara. i think your post has gone a long way to
clearing up some confusion on this matter.

-youngblood holden.

-the BOB show-
episode 3 out now!

download it on itunes:

download it directly:


Bob Dobbs
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Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:56 pm
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Post subject: Reply with quote

mauve is my brother, youngblood holden
-frater 222
"you were, tootoo too ...the graced of gods...& salus of the wake...Winner...primed at the studience, propredicted...the choice of ages wise! Spickspookspokesman of our specturesque...we miss your smile."
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